Our place in history

1973: Arthur Paustian KG was founded and production started at the former premises of Bahnhofshotel in Sörup

1973: Move to the former SPAR supermarket Graebe in Sörup

1976: Move-in to the newly built premises at Bahnhofstraße 42 (Arthur Paustian airtex)

1983: 10 years jubilee

1985: 1st extension for warehouse and for production of coach interior

1989: Leave of former production manager Claus Peter Nissen

1990: Arthur Paustian 70th birthday

1996: 2. extension for warehouse and cantine.

1998: 25 years jubilee

2001: 3rd extension for upholstery departmemt and former order by Canada Rail

2002: Big modification of Germanwings aircrafts towards leather seat covers.

2004: 4th extension: Enlargement of sewing department

2007: Leave of production manager Heinz-Jürgen Haak

2009: Founder of the company Arthur Paustian died at the age of 88

2012: Shareholder and Managing director Harald Paustian died at age 64.

2013: 40 years celebration